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Expertly Replacing or Repairing Your Vehicle's Clutch in Coventry, West Midlands

Symptoms of a warn clutch or component can take many forms. In the most extreme circumstance, your car can lose all driving ability, and/or be impossible to select a gear with the engine running. In many cases, early diagnosis of a problem developing can alert you to seek replacement. At MRM Auto Centre in Coventry, West Midlands, we are experienced in diagnosing clutch faults and carrying out clutch replacements and repairs on many makes and models of cars.

Common Issues

While your car is still okay to drive, it may be a good idea to repair the clutch or brakes if you have a feeling something is wrong. If you experience any of the following symptoms, your car may need a clutch replacement:

  • Climbing Revs but No Increase in Vehicle Speed
  • Struggling to Select Gears, Particularly from Stationary
  • Burning Smell on Acceleration (Common with Clutch Slipping)
  • Rattling or Rumbling Noise from the Engine Bay (More Noticeable When the Clutch is Pressed)


DMFs (Dual-Mass Flywheels)

Many modern cars are now fitted with DMFs. These are designed to reduce the harshness and vibrations from the engine, and result in smoother gear changes and better drivability. DMFs sit between the engine and gearbox, and the clutch mounts to them.

Utilising Quality Equipment

Like any working component in a car, DMFs can also wear and occasionally require replacement. It is often advised that DMFs are replaced when a clutch is replaced, in order to combine two very labour-intensive jobs into one. However, as each individual case can be different, we can advise you upon removal of your clutch whether the DMF should be replaced or not. At MRM Auto Centre, we have access to specific diagnostic tools that allow us to gauge whether a used DMF is in tolerance, or whether it needs to be replaced.

Contact us in Coventry, West Midlands, for more details about handy clutch replacements and repairs.